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Assisting professional traders / investors to make consistent money in ANY market situation, for more than 20 years.


A team of research analyst tracking the Indian / Global Stock Markets, Commodity markets, Currency markets 24 x 7 x 365.


We trade on every trading strategy provided to all subscribers, in our own account. So what you get is authentic advise.


Get trading strategies in unique, transparent format, along with instant delivery of entry as well as exit calls on SMS.
Market Perspectives

What We Can Do For You


With more than 35 years of market experience across multiple assets we have the requisite knowledge to guide our traders and investors to participate in the market either through our advisory or training.


Well informed team at Growth Avenues takes care of your needs. The dedicated team guides you on need basis to enable you powerfully to take on the financial markets. Multiple access through online chat,email and telephone Growth Avenues support is available 24×7 for solving your problems.


With a large client base of more than 2000 customers our work speaks for itself. Spotting opportunities at the right moment has ensured consistent renewal proving that there is no substitute for hard work. Regular patronage by our satisfied clients have helped us continue our good work.

What Our Clients Say About Us
    • I would like to congratulate Dr C K Narayan, yourself and the entire team at Growth Avenues for having organised a wonderful Webinar. I am very happy to have been a part of it.
      I am not a full time trader but have been interested in learning about the technical aspects for a while. I try to manage and find some time aside from my profession and I have tried to gain a very basic knowledge about this subject. I did manage to attend all the 4 lectures in this webinar and was happy to have learnt new aspects which will help strengthen my base.
      I am happy to receive this email from Growth Avenues, which will help keep the subject refreshed for somebody like me, who may not be able to enough spend time analysing the charts everyday.
      I thank you and the team at Growth Avenues and am hoping that I will be able to put the knowledge that I have acquired to good use.
      -Dr Sameer Acharya
    • Lalitha Venkat
      I had tried various analysts' calls and burnt my fingers. Finally I was lucky to find growth avenues. Dr. C.K. Narayan has indepth knowledge about stock market and that reflects in his nifty edge. His investment calls are simply a class apart. In  this volatile market it is very difficult to trade in futures but growth avenues is really trying to make it simple. I have immense faith in Dr. Narayan and his team.  I can't imagine trading in stock market without Dr.Narayan's trading calls.  Hats off to you sir.
      -Lalitha Venkat
    • Naishad Thakker
      Appreciate your need for feedback on the webinars conducted during the last 2 days. The pace of both the webinars was just fine and very informative.
      -Naishad Thakker
    • Rohan Batra
      The Trading Psychology helped me realise unravel what kind of trader Iam and made me more tolerant of my shortcomings.Now Iam able to analyse through the trades that has helped me develop confidence in my system and myself.
      -Rohan Batra
    • Sunil Aradhye
      After the Trading Psychology class my patience has really improved enabling me to accept bad decisions.I have also stopped booking profits quickly when I have the conviction that some more upside is still there.
      -Sunil Aradhye
    • Vandana Singh
      One very important change I noticed in myself after this course that even if I don't want to trade any particular chart, now it has become obvious for me to start reading the chart.
      -Vandana Singh
    • Arun Goel
      I must appreciate the patience with which you addressed all the queries even though it meant the session had to extend by over 2 hours. Your knowledge of the subject was outstanding.
      -Arun Goel
    • Floyd J Lewis
      Thank u for ur commitment to the 'Classical Way' of TA.I am impressed by ur knowledge n skills.But I m a lot more humbled by ur commitment to sharing n teaching it.I will remain ur student forever.
      -Floyd J Lewis
    • Dr. Asheesh Chandiwal
      Excellent program Dr C K Narayan is real master of his field. absolutely clear in his thoughts on the subject & very encouraging one must attend this program who is serious in this business.
      -Dr. Asheesh Chandiwal