Date:07-03-2017 : Stock has seen consolidating in a range for couple of days after rounding formation as seen on daily charts. The mentioned pattern (Cup & Handle) has been reliable taking long positions as seen in past also. Price stages breakout from the range and hence breakout from the pattern too.. RSI forms base around 60 levels and ticks higher with DI+ line trading above neutral zone indicates bullish momentum dominating the trend. Thus buy is Recommended.

Buy at CMP (269) and dips to 265 with stop below 255 for target at 282, 302.

Date: 08-03-2017 : Buy recommended at 269 and dips to 265 has met first target mentioned at 282 levels. Currently trading at 285 levels. Books profits and revise stop to cost for balance and hold for next target at 302.

Date: 10-03-2017 : Buy recommended at 269 and dips to 265, booked partial at first target. Stock continues to head higher and approaches next target mentioned at 302 levels. Book full profits around CMP: 299.95.