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Lightweight Sellers

Lightweight sellers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Absence of follow thru to the upside prevents bulls from taking charge on the trend. Week ends with minor losses. No increase in Nifty future OI even after three weeks in June suggests that leverage positions are probably…

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Bulls Maintain Strong Hold

Bulls maintain strong hold

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nifty future trades into the target zone specified in earlier letter but there is no dissipation of the trend strength yet. Bank Nifty expectations of an out performance have not fructified but I find no misgivings when I…

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Will The Gap Support Hold..?

Will the gap support hold..?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  ·         Prices trade down into the gap support on Nifty futures.  ·         Despite break of the good support zone near 6690 on NF, no selling emerges, implying lack of built up trading longs.  ·         But if declines continue…

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