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Intraday Gains

  • Intraday Gains as the name suggests aims at providing “Intraday Trades” in cash segment.
  • It will include Long as well as Short trades depending on the market conditions.
  • Trades will be provided in liquid stocks to make entry and exit easy.
  • The trades will be squared off by 3pm.
  • On daily basis 3-4 trade ideas would be recommended (may be less if market is dull).
  • Trades would be sent by SMS as well as you will receive instant notification thru our app.
  • The message will include Entry Price, Stop loss and target.
  • Message will be sent if there is pre-exit.
  • The capital requirement depends on traders capacity. BUT the main thing to follow is equal value per trade (if not aware ask our team).
  • This product is suitable to anyone who does not wish to carry overnight risk or traders who want play market each day the way it is or for traders who wish to take intraday leverage.

Target segment for the product

1. Individual Traders
2. Broker/Sub brokers

Features of the Product

1. Can trade in both directions i.e. can short as well if markets are to fall
2. Lesser money required on account of just margin payments and not delivery.
3. Transparency
4. High Liquidity
5. Lower Transaction Cost

Intraday Gains Monthly Intraday Gains Quarterly
Rupee 9,000 Rupee 24,000
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