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Making Profits In Market Is All About Choosing The Right Stock In The Right Direction. Follow This Simple Process..

Making Profits in Market is all about choosing the right stock in the right direction. Follow this simple process..

It was certainly an interesting week. Market opened better for the week and sought to carry on the good cheer of the previous week after the big Modi victory. The market attempted to test the previous swing high on Friday but some sudden onset of volatility dashed those hopes. On a day of high volatility, the complacency of the market was shaken. Since everyone had switched to trading long, the volatility of Friday might have taken a heavy toll as price action was very swift and it would have been difficult to avoid losses.

But NeoTrader helped to be on the right way from the open itself. Markets after the initial half an hour indicated more Bearishness from open as compared to from the close. This shows that the gap up moves not sustained while stocks specific action is progress.

FMCG and AUTO sectors were showing continuation while CONSTRUCTION and CEMENT sectors were losing. Thus, the first level of filtration and focus list were in place.

Secondly, the trades generated by NeoTrader on Intraday Basis were on the sell side continued from start itself. A couple of Long opportunities were also recommended from the Application which moved during the recovery phase.

Past 20 trades that were generated in the Application are shown above in different strategy (majorly from Breakout-2). NeoTrader inspected the market and from 15 inbuilt strategy Algos, processed and filtered trades are recommended. Thus, We had 14 winnings, 2 stop loss, and 4 Lapsed (3 profitable exits and 1 losing) trades. This shows a higher probability of success.

NeoTrader processes Price data & Maps the Market to show the right direction in choosing or recommending the high probability stocks.

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