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We have had a rather rough start to the year but as we near the end of the first half we are anticipating a more productive half where the benefits of the effort to stabilize shall begin to accrue. The market has managed to maintain its head above 10000. While this may, at the surface, appear to be a positive, it has created problems of its own for investors as well as traders. The increased volatility has created multitude of problems for traders while the runaway phase in some of the small and mid cap ideas has created a situation where the valuations appear to be stretched and hence perception of risk is greater. In addition, the global trends have also been quite mixed and adding to the confusion.

Considering all these aspects we have designed a Long Term Portfolio with a purview of a year. This report aims to capture the ambiguity that exists in today’s market and also reward you in the long term. The repost consists of a mix of Large Cap and Mid Cap ideas from diverse sectors. For an ideal mix one needs to diversify 50-60% of his portfolio in Large Caps and 50-40% in Mid Cap ideas that have been recommended.

Armed with this report, you will be much enabled to build a portfolio that shall absorb the ebbs and flows of the market that keep appearing. We trust you will find it useful in your effort to plan your strategies for the market in the year ahead.

What is Portfolio Building?

It is a service that we have been doing it for years mainly for Institutional clients and HNI’s. This time extended to Retails as well.
This service involves recommendations of ideas using Technical and Fundamental research. After an extensive research ideas are selected that one can Buy and hold for long term.

What will You get?

You will get recommendations with a detailed report justifying the trade. The long and medium term reports shall carry fundamental as well as technical perspective.
Around 35 ideas will be given in a year where the mix would be of long term investing, medium term and short term. The details are as follows:distribution

  • Thus only Long term ideas are given together
  • Medium term and short term ideas will be given as per suitable market conditions.

How does it Work?

  • Portfolio Gains is a round the year service.
  • Every Client on an Annual basis shall get a mix of around 35 stocks from Long ,Medium and Short Term reports.
  • We expect the client to maintain the stop loss and targets given on an End of Day Closing basis.
  • Proactive monitoring is done at our end. We shall provide suitable updates as and when necessary through email.


  • No day to day trading.
  • Be out of short term volatility.
  • Participate in BIG MOVE.
  • Have a structured approach.
  • Medium and short term trades help in taking advantage of any pull backs of the broader market.
  • Lets one participate in promising midcaps as well.
Portfolio Gains Quarterly (Excl All Taxes)
Rupee 15,000
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