Have you wondered how to improve your trading results but didn’t quite find the solution to it? How often have you wondered why some stocks moved the way they did and why you could not be on board for that move? And how many more often that you have bought or sold at the wrong prices for the day or week and exited out of fear?

Chart Advise brings you the solution to your problems. Not only will you now be able to trade with confidence but you will also do so with an increased level of knowledge and purpose! Chart Advise brings you a unique concept in market advisory.

trading cetral

TRADER’S CENTRAL Profits with Knowledge

Becoming a part of Trader’s Central will enable you to

  • Know the movers of the market and the technical set ups behind each of those moves.
  • Get profitable trading ideas every day (several times) with explanations, charts, annotations, comments- the works. No more of entry-stoploss-target type messages that are so impersonal and so devoid of logic and explanations!
  • Know the reasons behind moves that occur in stocks during the day by way of news and events and analysis of the same from our panel of expert analysts.
  • Get to learn charting approaches that help you spot trading opportunities or improve your own understanding of the subject.
  • Follow expert market commentators like Dr C K Narayan, India’s top technical analyst, analyse the market moves thru the day and converse with his analysts.
  • Get your doubts cleared on stock prospects for investing or trading or any aspect of technical analysis or news- the Query Room is the ultimate live interaction point!


Traders Central is an web based platform that analyses the market real-time and gives you opportunity to make profits.

Place to Enhance Your Perspective

  • Opening Comments – Know what the market is saying through the wisdom of Dr Narayan
  • News Update — Analysts at Growth Avenues check the impact of latest news and gives you the relevant information

Place to Profit From Market Movements

  • Index Movements- Stay on the right side of the trend by knowing the right side of the market sentiment
  • Intraday / Positional Trades- Intraday as well as Swing Trades are covered in this room to enable market participants of varying mindset

Place to Sharpen Your Knowledge

  • Knowledge Quotient – Hone your Technical Analysis skills by interacting with our well trained team
  • Delivery Based Stocks- Ride the Midcap momentum with our in-depth analysis real-time of the delivery stocks

Place to Solve Your Doubts

  • Query Room – Live update on how to interpret the market movements. In this platform we address many aspects of the markets ranging from
  • Progress – Through continuous consultation with analysts tutored by Dr Narayan you shall be able to move ahead in your Trading journey.

All these varying elements are bundled together and presented to you by Chart Advise to enhance your perspective and get started to be a proficient and a profitable trader / investor.


Traders Central is divided into two rooms to ensure that the market participants are clear about the activities that is currently underway.

  1. 1. Commentary Room
    1. Use the opening comments to get a perspective of the market sentiment and position yourself for the day.
    2. As active discussions on set up starts emerging one can use it as opportunity to trade. Any relevant news if available on that stock alongwith the link is also given.
    3. A platform for a novice trader to transform into a professional, in no time, as you learn the ropes from experienced analysts.
    4. Through regular engagement learn all aspects relating to the trade and its management, dissect news of the day, offer commentaries and words of wisdom.
    5. If trades or any aspect is unclear then we have the option of the Query Room to resolve the doubts.
  1. 2. Query Room
    1. Continuous stream of information rendered on the Discussion room throw up many enquiries related to the markets, trends, trades, risks, profits, losses etc, etc?
    2. Query room addresses all such queries with specific pointed reply to enable your understanding and aid your decision making.
    3. GA analysts will answer these queries either in real time or as soon as possible.
    4. Queries will be supervised by a dedicated Moderator who shall ensure that queries are attended with minimum TAT.

In short, Trader’s Central is a one stop point for you to

  1. Get profitable trading advice on a daily basis.
  2. Become aware of the important news flow of the day and how those news and events are impacting the stock moves of the day.
  3. Get perspectives on markets and technical analysis from market experts all thru the day, everyday.
  4. Solve your query on a stock- whether from a trading or investing perspective by asking our analysts in our Query Room.
  5. Learn to read charts better as you follow the analysis process of our analysts and as mentored by Dr C K Narayan.

This five step process will make you a better trader or investor or market player without doubt! When you see the correct approach to be taken, when you read the right kind of logic applied to situations, when you see the correct way to analyse charts and arrive at trading and investment views, you will develop the kind of mindset that is required to become a successful market player


So, come join Trader’s Central. And be on your pathway to become a Successful Market Professional.

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