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Live Webinar

Get the knowledge and content delivered to you as they are been shared by Dr C K Narayan and his team. The focus of the entire webinar is to enhance your understanding and resolve queries at suitable intervals and enhance your experience. The live webinar has the following key takeaways :

1. Attend the webinar from the comforts of your home / office.
2. Resolve your queries immediately with the trainers.
3. Get Unlimited Access to the recordings.
4. 24 x 7 Post Webinar Support through Mail and Online Chat.

Recorded Webinar

Bridge the gap between your desire to learn new topics and availability of quality content. Gain access to High Quality recorded webinars from an organisation that has trained more than 10000 students both offline and online. The recorded webinar has the following key takeaways :

1. Listen to the recording from the comforts of your home / office.
2. Learn at your own pace by watching the recordings.
3. Get Unlimited Access to the recordings.
4. 24 x 7 Post Webinar Support through Mail and Online Chat.

Support Webinar

Practise makes the man perfect. However in the pursuit of perfection one always encounters some difficulty , if ironed can go to great lengths in making the job easier. Growth Avenues provides fantastic assistance through online modes like Chat and Email. Along with that to enable the execution of Trading and Investing a little easier and ensure that the learning’s imparted through the webinar is implemented effectively a Free Support Webinar is conducted. The aim of this support webinar is to resolve your queries if any realtime and also revisit certain specific portions of the particular webinar. The key takeaways of the Support Webinar are :

1. Enhance your market participation and resolve issues of learning’s taught in the webinar.
2. Observe how to use variety of tools as the trainer revisits the webinar topics.
3. Attending repeated Support Webinar shall enhance your Subject expertise.

Technical Analysis For Profits

Technical Analysis is an interesting subject that is slowly but surely catching everyone’s attention. Almost every trader uses some form of technical analysis. Even the most reverent follower of market fundamentals is likely to glance at price charts before executing a trade.

Growth Avenues reinforces these simple and important concepts through its lecture series "Technical Analysis For Profits".


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