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Profiting With Momentum

Have you ever watched with frustration and despair when price trends began and ran away before you could make the move?

And then watched with even more frustration when the trend reversed soon after your late entry and nullified the profit you made?

How would you like it if we showed you how to spot a potential runaway stock before trends begin? And how to get off the trend before it reversed?

Yes, it is possible! Momentum Stocks with potential to spurt  reveal themselves through patterns that work most of the time!!

Learn to spot them………….from Growth Avenues.

This course teaches you how to get into trades early, before the amateurs!

Momentum is a commonly accepted potential “LEADING INDICATOR” that can help you find a change in sentiment bias before it shows up in price action. But the key question is, How many people are using this feature correctly?

By learning to read momentum reliably, you can begin trading in two new ways:

1. Be in a position to catch big breakouts before they happen!

2. Catch Trend Reversals much ahead of the other traders spotting it.

This is what will give you THE EDGE! To win this game of trading, you need to have an edge over the other traders. You need to be able to enter earlier and also exit earlier than the rest of the market!

This course will enable you to do just that!

Learn to use RSI STOCHASTICS P-SAR MACD ADX to great effect!Learn specific strategies designed for each of these indicators to profit from the markets whether for day or swing or positional trades!

In this webinar we shall also add additional inputs that make the momentum based trading a lot easier and completely contextual to the current market! These include how to combine the following elements with Momentum:

Trend Cycles Support/Resistance Sentiment

This approach uses a holistic view of the chart rather than concentrate on just some minor signal. This way, your stops on your trades can be quite tight and also looks to lock in a series of profits fast, and then let the rest of your position ride for larger profits. It can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading or Investing.


Not only will you be able to extract trading profits using Momentum indicators as devised by the experts at Growth Avenues, you will also receive this extra inputs that teach you additional powerful pattern analysis on Momentum indicators that Dr. Narayan calls his “WealthTrades.”

These trade setups are specifically designed to INVEST WITH MOMENTUM INDICATORS!!

Understanding these variations of the basic trend pattern taught will give you more flexibility in your trading and investing and will help you find more trading as well as investing opportunities.

Trading with Momentum setups has vastly superior risk/reward parameters over trend trades. The risk is exactly the same as trend trades, but the rewards can be much, much greater.

If you are looking for a method that gets you in and out before the crowd, then you just found it!

This technique can be used by day traders to find days where you can buy at the open, hold all day, and sell at the close.

This method can be used by swing traders and investors to find, and get in on, stocks that are the “next big thing” … that just keep going up for years without turning around!



Following the learning that you shall get from attending the Profiting With Momentum webinars, the team at Growth Avenues will further enhance your learning experience with 2 support webinars wherein you will get:

Explanations of all your doubts during application of the methods learnt.

Live market examples that are picked by our analysts team (yes these are among the ones that we send out to our paid subscribers!!) and analysed for you during the support webinar.

It will be almost like attending the webinar all over again!! Free!

A SPECIAL CHAT SESSION WITH Dr. C K NARAYAN wherein he will touch upon some of the following topics of particular interest to traders and investors.

This is a never-before offered freebie that comes with this webinar at absolutely no cost to you. Invaluable! Topics include:

  • How to trade reversals.
  • Getting in on a new trend before the trend begins, so you can ride it for huge profits.
  • Trading inside of consolidation.
  • Exactly how to enter the market with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Where to place your initial stop.
  • Exactly how to use a trailing stop.
  • And other important considerations of trading…..

These special Support Webinars will demonstrate in real-time how to apply the trading method to a market as it evolves bar-by-bar.

Whether day trading or swing traders or investing, this course will cover it all for you!

So, here is what you get:

  • PROFITING WITH MOMENTUM – the foundations course building the knowledge for your application.
  • Finding “THE WEALTH TRADES” a discovery that will thrill you into investing profits.
  • SUPPORT WEBINARS from the team at Growth Avenues.
  • SPECIAL CHAT SESSION WITH Dr C K NARAYAN on important aspects of trading and investing.
  • CONTINUED SUPPORT from Growth Avenues team for doubts, queires and clarifications on method deployment.

Program Details

Training Module Duration Dates Time Investment
Early bird offer(Up to 15th June)
Profitting From Momentum (Webinar) 90 to 120 minutes per session 29th & 30th June 7:00pm Onwards 6,000(Inc. Tax) 4,800(Inc. Tax)
Profitting From Momentum (Support Webinar) 30 to 60 minutes 9th & 16th July

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Profiting With Momentum
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