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Buy these 2 stocks for 25% profits

We have seen a decent rally in Nifty in recent times: A move from a low around 7700 to the current levels of 9200. What we have missed is a lot of opportunities just because we are waiting for some confirmation and not for the very signal to initiate. As many are confused between what stocks to trade and want not to, we have been making decent profits and sharing some opportunities will detailed analysis.

Analysis Courtesy: NeoTrader – The No. 1 Trading Software [visit for more details]

Watching on the dashboard section, the broader market readings show strength in Mid and Small Cap space.

Broader Market

Further to find stocks that are away from congestion are into a trend in the higher timeframe, the Ichimoku dashboard helps to identify stocks in a bullish trend. Here, We have selected timeframe as 1Day and 1Week with Bullish from the top dropdown and Nifty Mid-Small as Universe. We find that 2 stocks are showing a strong trend in both timeframes: ABBOTT INDIA and IPCA LABS.


Next is to check whether the momentum is in place for any stocks in Mid and Small Cap space. The RSI page snapshot is attached to spot stocks with bullish momentum on the Weekly and Monthly timeframe. The reason for choosing the higher timeframe is to ensure a long and sustained rally for profits. Looking at the results, the momentum is seen in the Pharma and Chemical stocks and considering the previous analysis through Ichimoku, We find IPCA LABS and ABBOTT INDIA are part of the current result and increases confidence for one to trade on these names. Apart from them, there are a couple of other stocks where if the price action is seen will signal long opportunities.


This is only possible if you use NEO TRADER, a No.1 trading software, in which there is no place for emotions. NeoTrader keeps clients updated with the latest analysis on a different set of pages designed using multiple technical parameters and is just a few clicks to decode detailed analysis.


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