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A JV between Growth Avenues Pvt. Ltd. & Choice Broking Pvt. Ltd.

Why PMS ?

Portfolio management is the art and science of making decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance.

Portfolio management services are meant for individuals who wish to have a personalized management of their finances. A team of expert professionals conduct extensive and research and an in-depth analysis on markets to provide a customized solution to the investors. The investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be individuals or institutional entities with high net worth.

PMS is a tailor-made professional service offered to cater to the investments objective of different investor classes. A portfolio management service provides professional management of to create wealth for investors. Thus providing a hassle-free, transparent and customised platform for investor participation in equity markets.

Our Goals

It’s often said that successful investing requires one man’s skill and nine men’s patience and we think no differently. The fine art of adopting a patient, long term approach to investing is ingrained in us, ensuring that we are focused on the strategic goal of wealth creation and not on making quick short term gains.

We typically scan the market for stocks with good fundamentals, that is, stocks of companies which have good cash flow, excellent product portfolio, stable and far sighted managements etc.

We have a judicious blend of knowledge and experience that is the hallmark of a skilled professional. We have been chosen for our understanding of equities markets, financial market operations, fundamental analysis and stock picking. We maintain , with consummate skill, a harmony between market manicuring and mature financial positioning. The result is – happy clients and an enviable record of wealth generation.

Our objective is high absolute returns in investment over a period of time with right approach. The portfolio structure is moderately concentrated, but adequately diversified for effective spread of risk with investments in rapid growth stocks of companies that are able to generate strong returns.

Being a discretionary PMS, we decide on the selection of the scrips and the timing of entry and exit.

Chief Investment Officer

Dr C K Narayan’s achievements over his 37 year career in financial markets spanning across Retail stock broking, Institutional sales and marketing (both Domestic and FII) and Investment Management for Corporates make him an authority in the area of his expertise.

  • He is a Fund Manager, a Trader & Trainer, Founder of Growth Avenues and Co-Founder of ChartAdvise
  • Lifetime Achievement award winner by ATMA
  • Was Head of Sales, Marketing, Client Service desk and a member of ICICI Securities’ senior management. During his tenure at I-Sec, the firm was ranked as among the largest financial service intermediary for Institutional clients.
  • Preferred Expert on the markets on television channels such as CNBC and ET Now, was Managing Editor for a while for Capital Market Technical’s magazine
  • Author of two books – “Futures-Options for the investor” and a book on Derivatives

Why Us

we provide professional management of portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.

We understand the dynamics of equity as an asset class, so we track your investments continuously to maximize the returns.

we provide professional management of portfolios with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risk.

We offer personalized access to the professional money managers who actively manage your portfolio. This interaction may come in various different ways including inperson meetings, conference calls, written commentary, etc with the fund management team.


While it is market, sector and company fundamentals that are the driving engines of stock price, the interaction of the three create very different situations for an investor. Over a 3 year period (a typical lock in time frame for a PMS account), the vagaries of each of these moving parts (i.e. markets, sectors and stocks) can be quite dramatically different from period to period. For example, in 2009, the corporate earnings dropped 2% but the market dived 40%. Then in 2010, the market jumped up 80% even as corporate performance improved only 2-3%. In 2011, the Nifty declined the entire year, making any kind of investment difficult. In 2012, if one was not part of the initial move in quarter one, the returns would have been average to below. In 2014, if one missed the election gap, the returns would have been below average!

So, it can be seen that market moves favor certain times when substantial gains occur while there are times when the market behavior makes investing quite a difficult endeavor.

One of the ways out is to take a longer horizon to judge or generate returns but here one presupposes that one would remain invested thru those long periods. If such were not to be the case, then some attention would have to be paid to the state of the market as well as the sector even as one grapples with the fundamentals of the stock itself.

Growth stock identification is a well defined process. However, growth also occurs in spurts and these are momentum spurts of growth that, when identified, will provide the investment portfolio with additional kickers. Investing into high quality growth stocks from different sectors ensures a sound quality to the portfolio. Being able to identify the momentum kickers can help increase the return to the portfolio by being able to take advantage of the growth spurts of the stock.

This is the approach that we shall adopt with our funds. Our team of researchers are well equipped to identify growth stocks early in the cycle. We then bring our expertise with market movements to be able to accurately identify the growth spurt phases and enter fresh positions or add to existing positions to produce then kicker to the portfolio returns.

Exits from stocks are also taken when there is a clear dissipation of the growth momentum. We are uninterested in holding stocks during long phases of consolidation (which tends to denude the returns of the portfolio) and prefer to either switch to other stocks or remain in cash. Our superior ability to identify such phases is the USP of the schemes.

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